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 Fabric Fashion


Angie was born in rural England, in the kind of place that can only be described as quaint. Her interest in knitting started when she was very young. Watching her mum knit was magical to her, a ball of wool rolling around would then turn into something she would be wearing a few days later. Angie was the only one of her siblings to show any interest in following in her mum’s crafty work. By her early teens she had mastered the craft and has her mum to thank!

Something new for Spring/Summer
In a recent visit to her hometown, Angie was rummaging at a car boot sale where she found a big box of antique cotton still on the wooden spools. These wonderful finds have been transformed into beautiful and delicate crocheted lace earrings. This counts for the constant changing of colors and limited additions.

Fall 07 is especially exciting! This years line is inspired by her unique collection of old hat patterns collected over the years.
Angie likes to use only the highest quality yarns from local farms. Handmade with help from her mum & local knitters. Be first to see her new line of hats just add yourself to her mailing list found on the website.