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 Culture Beat

JC Tropical Gourmet is the best Hot Pepper Sauce in the world! We say so ourselves! This special blend of peppers and spices is a favorite for lovers of caribbean-style hot pepper sauce.

At home, you would look at your sister and say "Pass The Hot Peppa Sauce!" and you'd be handed a small bottle of the best tasting hot sauce you have ever had. It was always homemade, and it was always a bottle full of fire red hot pepper sauce.
Well, This Is That Sauce!

After years of trying a different variety of fresh-grown peppers and traditional island spices, Joanne Chong has finally decided on the master house blend, and has bottled her hot sauce for your enjoyment. This is a family recipe and tradition that has been passed down for generations, that Joanne perfected for us.

This is a hot sauce with just the right amount of heat, and plenty of the good flavor you want to douse all over your favorite foods. Everything from Chicken, Soups, Rice Dishes, and and a Bloody Mary. Try some today!

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