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 Culture Beat
Robert Shuster

The works of author Robert Shuster have established him as a writer who would feel at home in the company of  Edgar Allen Poe or Rod Serling. To date, his four books have given meaning to the phase "Possible- Maybe"

If you enjoyed the works of Poe or remember you late evenings with The Twilight Zone then you are sure to enjoy Roberts works.

Sevenacide, published in 2000, a collection of seven short stories of murder, mayhem, revenge and…rugby. These tales deal with rugby players facing situations only Edgar Allen Poe or Rod Serling could come up with and were inspired after years of seeing bumper stickers that read, “Rugby Players Eat Their Dead” and “Give Blood, Play Rugby”.

Sevenacide Excerpts

The 13 Colonies, published in 2002, contains thirteen short stories about the exploration and the colonization of other planets. These tales deal with some of the ethical and social implications of the settlement of new worlds and what we might find once we get there (or what might find us!).

 The 13 Colonies Excerpts


I Vampire, a full length novel, was released in October of 2003. The book deals with the realities that a vampire may be forced to confront in the modern world.

 I, Vampire Excerpts



The most recent release Phase II, released in 2006.  This book deals with an all-out attack on the planet Earth by a ruthless intergalactic empire.  After the victorious space aliens begin to plan the resettlement of Earth, they forced to contend with a rival that they never expected…zombies!!!

Phase II Excerpts


Be informed when Robert Shuster publishes again.