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 One of a Kind

The original AND NEW Frumples!

Prof. Williams, the well-known scientific writer, has said: "There is no gradation between the most rapid undulations or trembling that produces our sensations of sound, and the slowest of those which give rise to our sensations of gentlest warmth. There is a huge gap between them, wide enough to include another world of motion, all lying between our world of sound and our world of heat and light; and there is no good reason whatever for supposing that matter is incapable of such intermediate activity, or that such activity may not give rise to intermediate sensations, provided that there are organs for taking up and sensitizing their movements. "


Paula Knudsen awoke from a dream one night and in that dream understood the process of "Vibrations" and the need to have balanced energy as a living thing. It was from this dream that the Original FRUMPLES® become real.

Physical science teaches that underlying all forms, degrees and apparent differences in matter and energy, there is to be found a manifestation of energy, which manifests in what is known as "Vibrations." In order for this vibration to work at your peak your energy must be balanced and

wearing an “EMPOWERED FRUMPLE®” enables your entire energy system

to work  more efficiently.

And there are many more forms of energy from the same source, which we all touch upon as we proceed in life and beyond.

Wear a “FRUMPLE®” today! Feel better right away! Balance your energy.

Energize and Balance yourself today
$10.00 each or $50.00 for 5

Click on the images above to purchase a Original FRUMPLE or choose a special energy Frumple to live more efficiently. below.

Inspired by the Secret
$16.98 each or $70.00 for 5

In great respect for "ONENESS"
We are ONE!
$16.98 each or $70.00 for 5

In Awareness and love of their existence
Amongst us everyday!
$16.98 each or $70.00 for 5

Always be greatful!
$16.98 each or $70.00 for 5

The Frumple Factory, Inc.

   Paula Knudsen, Frumple Queen

Sarasota Fl, 34243