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 New Self
Author Gundula Coleman


Gundula Coleman has accepted and to an extend proven that people can have and achieve whatever they want and hopes to relay this message in her collection of thoughts and experiences as a disabled immigrant. Through her stories, Gundula Coleman shows readers that no matter how overwhelmed they may feel about life, there is always someone out there who has overcome far greater tragedy and that not much is accomplished by being negative, accepting defeat or walling in self-pity.



"Life is a never-ending learning experience and no matter what happens, life is good, short and precious and should be enjoyed and not wasted by 'sweating the small stuff'!" she says. "I do believe that all of us can truly achieve our dreams and goals, once honest with ourselves, faithful, focused an by always maintaining a positive mindset."


About the Author:
Gundula H. Coleman was born in 1962 in, what was then, West Germany as the oldest daughter of four children to Hanna and Helmut Hering. Hanna, a teacher, was born in Tallinn, Estonia and Helmut in Meissen Germany. Even though born with a disability caused by Thalidomide, Gundula manages to live a fully independent and self-sufficient life. Gundula attended boarding school from 1968 to 1981 in Germany and immigrated to the United States in 1982. Gundula is a International Property Specialist  with both hands-on experiences in international real estate transactions, critical aspects of transnational transactions and cross-cultural relationships, regional market conditions, investment performance, tax & currency

Price $ 11.50
Paperback (5x8)
ISBN: 9781425992903

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