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 New Self
Man by Nature by Adam Leonard
The New Bestseller From One Of Today's Newest And Greatest Philosophers. 
"Why Can’t We All Just Live In Peace"

Because we’re not programmed that way. We are programmed to be tribal territorial animals, and although we think that we are rational, our tribal programming causes us to consistently do irrational things and to wonder why we do them. … This has been our history … our “human dilemma.”

The “hidden programming” controlling our behavior is now being revealed through the research of  neuroscientists studying how the brain functions. Based on that research, this book presents a “Tribal Programming Theory of Human Behavior” that answers many of the questions that have long perplexed us.

About the author

Adam’s inclination toward philosophy and his natural interest in the life sciences kept him constantly reading and studying to stay abreast of the ongoing discoveries in everything from anthropology to zoology. As a result, when neuroscientists studying the brain began to publish popular summaries of their work, Adam recognized that their findings provided the key “missing” data that would finally allow understanding Man’s behavior.

Adam describes this new and seminal brain research, shows how it enables hypothesizing a sweeping “Tribal Programming Theory of Human Behavior,” and considers the impact the new knowledge will have on Man’s quest to eventually live in peace.

Man by Nature
by Adam Leonard

176 pages, Softcover, 6 x 9
ISBN # 987-1-934246-07-8
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$14.95 plus $3.00
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Published by Peppertree Press