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Want to get Diva For Christ Merchandise at a cheaper price?  Look no further, visit E-bay and pick up Diva For Christ Merchandise at discount "bid" prices. 
Go to Ebay and search the words "Diva For Christ"
Diva For Christ Merchandise makes a great fundraiser for your women's group or booth item for seminars and conferences.  Call (310) 600-9729 for more information.

Sex, Religion and Love with Ask Deanna!


"Diva For Christ" Merchandise Featured Item 
The Diva For Christ Motivational Mousepad - DFC00307 $14.99

Deanna M.

9.25" x 7.75" durable cloth top mouse pad with rubber backing

Stay motivated as you work in your home or office with this festive mousepad with the Diva For Christ Logo. Great fundraising item that everyone can use or enjoy.  Work and Relax Your Mind With Your Smooth Mousepad. Buy 3 or 4 for your entire office or church staff!

  Visit the Diva For Christ Website at