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We love to interview you  during the show if you are part of  "Martinis over Miami”  listeners.
Get into the social site and you might get a chance to talk about your life during the show.

What is MOM?

"Martinis over Miami”  is a style from the past where what you wear, who you know is just as important as what you drink. Creating a presences of something spicy not only in the evening but as part of your everyday life. 

  • An International radio show that mixes music and  words together for enhancing your life.

  • An invitation only  social site to exchange ideas and thoughts with others

  • A selection of certified MOM boutiques recommended by the MOM Social members.

  • Private parties, special showings and events for MOM members.  

"Martinis over Miami”  is the new au courant culture that can only be Miami.
Make the others turn their heads again and again.

Be part of
"Martinis over Miami” - a Life and Culture:  

Certified MOM Boutiques
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 Event Listings
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