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“Innovation Bistro”

Welcome to the only show on the I-Radio air waves that provides the listeners with ways to be successful in business and life thru thinking for yourself instead of someone else telling you what your life is all about. Every Monday you will learn how to improve your use of innovation techniques and hear from  guests who have used innovation to achieve success. Get more knowledge on business styles for creating streams of income and creative music that will help connect your innovation mind with your reality mind. It is Time to Open Your Mind

The Host:

The wild and innovated world of Chicago born Joseph Dobzynski where nothing is overlooked. Every week the Iconoclast looks at the pros and cons of the global community today. "If You Build It They Will Come " does not work in the world of business today... He has innovated hundreds of new ideas and products ranging from portable speaker systems for transistor radios at the age of eighteen to the unique freezing process known as Hibernate Freezing. His unique innovated concept techniques are used by many companies around the globe. Joseph is the Director of Innovation for the Amanatee Group LLC

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