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 Biz Evolution

What is the most valuable asset your business has?


If you answered “our human ‘capital’” you nailed it, and many employers underestimate the goldmine to be found there! Those companies who cultivate and energize employees into major assets make and keep huge profits!  As production, satisfaction and retention increases so does the bottom line.

People Issues which “Bleed” the Bottom Line

In the hospitality industry, alcohol abuse, obesity and stress run rampant.  The healthcare industry is plagued by stress and inefficiency and  the effects are dramatic and costly; and these are, by no means, the only industries affected!  Stress accounts for 50-75% of all doctor visits, pushing employee health-care costs up-up-up!  It also contributes in a big way to low productivity and accidents resulting in worker’s compensation claims.

Are You Using Outdated Solutions?

The stressful and “hamster-wheel” corporate culture contributes substantially to a bleeding bottom line.  Old “solutions” include: cutting expenses by putting more pressure for performance, laying off quality employees, replacing employees with temps, avoiding benefit packages or cutting other employee related expenses aren’t getting at the cause(s).  All this does is frustrate and run-down employees, resulting in even less productivity than before!  These are simply “band-aids.”  There has to be a better way…

Science-Based Solutions that Work!

Business innovation begs for a fresh, unique approach.  Dynamic GoldMind Strategies, Inc. (DGMS) provides little-known, cutting-edge and science-based solutions for stress management, employee wellness and improving productivity.  Your staff learns powerful, brain-body interactive tools and techniques through experiential programs; custom designed for your company’s needs.

Founded by Dr. Christina Winsey-Rudd, and Jill A. Greber, B.B.A., C.P.C., DGMS has become the “go to” company for holistic corporate wellness solutions that cultivate and energize your valuable human capital.  They call themselves “brain architects”, and both senior partners are authors and speakers.  As a team they provide the unique combination of expertise in business & management and human potential & holistic “well-human” science.

If your business is operating on low growth power, poor productivity and/or your employee assistance program isn’t getting real results our suggestion is to contact Dynamic GoldMind Strategies, Inc.

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